5W 30 C4 100% SYNTHETIC


100% synthetic lubricating oil specially designed to meet the highest current specifications, exceeding the performance required by engine manufacturers. Exceeds the requirements for vehicles that regulate gas emissions to meet EURO 5 standards of petrol and diesel engines. These engines require the use of oils meeting standards of sulfur, phosphorus and sulfated ash (Low SAPS). Compatible for all engines with DPF (Diesel Particle Filters), three-way catalytic converters, and engines with EGR valves (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) fitted.

Its special design on the viscosity grade (5W 30 c4), allows you to obtain significant fuel savings for its fluidity.

SORT lubricant 5W 30 C4 can be used in modern gasoline and diesel engines providing excellent protection even under extreme circumstances. Euro 5 engines and new oils are designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.


  • SORT lubricant 5W 30 C4 provides excellent protection at high and low temperature in conjunction with improved fuel economy and engine cleanliness.
  • The high performance anti-wear protection system provides protection for the engine in high and low stress environments.
  • Low ash, low phosphorus and low sulfur content help to prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of the Emission Reduction System in petrol and diesel engines.
  • Low oil deterioration properties and improved fuel economy compared to mineral engine oils and contribute to less CO2 emissions.
  • Excellent low temperature capabilities to allow starting in cold weather.
  • Active cleaning agents reduce the formation of sludge deposits and clean ensuring long engine life.



  • API:   SN / CF                       

  • ACEA ´12 C4

  • Renault RN 0720

  • MB 226.51


Next generation lubricants in which an intelligent formula adheres to the metal parts of the engine reducing the internal engine wear by 80% and reducing fuel usage by up to 20%.

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