Aragon Gran Prix Moto3

Two riders in the points. For the first time, both Ambrogio Racing’s guys conquered a position inside the top 15. Brad Binder crossed the finish line in 8th, and Jules Danilo in 14th . For the latter, the two points have been the first in the Moto3 World Championship. Yesterday, Jules had got his best qualifying result; today he has signed his best race. A weekend to remember, despite on Sunday the riders had to cope with very tricky conditions, with the asphalt in some places dry, in others wet – a possible crash was waiting them in ambush at every corner.

binder_aragon2014Brad Binder (41’16”982 – 8th ) “At the beginning, I had a problem: every time the rear tire lost a little bit of traction, the engine cut off. Later on, with a dry track, it was much better, because the spinning was not as much. At the end, when the tires had full race distance, start sliding and the engine cutting again. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do any better. At least we finished, while a lot of people didn’t. And finished in the points”.

Jules Danilo (41’54”447 – 14th ) “A crazy race, and my first two points. Many riders crashed at the beginning, in the chicane. I was in the group and could see them go one after the other, so was really careful there. I have been fighting for eleventh, at the end – didn’t win the position, but I’m really happy with my race and my two points. Before the start, considering the track condition, I asked Josete, our technical director, slick tires and full dry setting. He didn’t share the idea, so we chose a compromise. A good move: I’ve been able to ride in security at the beginning, and later on secure my fourteenth place”.

Fiorenzo Caponera (Team Principal) “Brad has not been able to express his full potential, in a condition which was really tricky; Danilo did a great race, and well deserved the first world points”.

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