Automenar repair shops is the integral center for the maintenance of your vehicle. From the maintenance of the oil, filters, tyres, exhaust, battery, etc, up to paint and body work in Colmenar Viejo.

IMG_0025_web Specialists in paint and body work of all brands. Besides, we also make:

  •  General mechanics: Belts, clutches, manual and automatic transmission, engines, cylinder heads.
  •  Fast mechanics: steering wheel, brakes, suspension, transmissions, ITV chekings.
  •  Electricity: alternators, engines, start, air conditioning.
  •  Electronics: Alarms, radios, cell phones, GPS, ABS, EDC, EDB, ASR

14 Hierro St. South Industrial Park.
28770 COLMENAR VIEJO, Madrid

Phone: 91 846 14 99
Fax: 91 846 14 95


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