Do we change the motor oil in winter?

In the coldest months of the year is when an oil of the latest generation provides additional protection to our engine in cold starts, the time to reach the optimum operating temperature of our engines is lengthened. Definitely, in colder places we need our engine work in good conditions without to reach the proper operating temperatures.

So although many we come from summer, when we did a revision and change of oil to meet travel or own long commutes vacation, depending on the mileage done and mainly the recommendations of the car manufacturer, you should pay attention to the condition of the lubricant protecting our engine.

Always use the lubricant that meets the needs of the engine. We find that information in the manuals of our car, but we can also trust the professionals and dealers who have experience in all car models workshops. The professional mechanics we recommend the engine lubricating oil, suitable for the time and conditions of use. You can consult the website SORT range of engine lubricants and technical specifications.


Monitor the oil change intervals, 100% synthetic oils allow lengthen these times, always with the approval of our car manufacturer, which has considered the industry standard lubricant to establish maintenance programs of their vehicles .


An oil as SORT art helps us to protect our engine wear and allows fuel savings up to 20%. Choosing a good lubricant we can extend the life of our cars in excellent condition, long-term saving in maintenance and troubleshooting.


Having professionals when making lubricating oil changes, it ensures that we pay attention to environmental protection, as they have systems and authorized collection points of used oil. Use the proper amount, monitor the operation of our engine, detecting any incipient failure, left to professional care of our vehicle is the perfect complement to the use of high quality products such as lubricant SORT for engine.


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