5w30 C3 New Evolution

100% synthetic lubricating oil specially designed to meet the highest current specifications, exceeding the performance requirements of EURO 4 — EURO 5 (Low SAPS) engine manufacturers. In its dynamic evolution, Lubricantes Sort has created in 2017 a whole range of new products, adapted and specialized in the modern engines that manufacturers have on the market right now and with the expectation of meeting the high anti-pollution standards that benefit the global environment.

The 5w 30 range of oils is based on its different approvals, we recommend to follow the instructions of the engine manufacturers, always to the letter, on the lubricant to be used in these.  The use of various additives to meet specifications will help protect the mechanics of our car and maximize the benefits of using a state-of-the-art lubricant such as SORT.

The SORT 5W30 C3 New Evolution has the following specifications:
API: SN / CF ACEA A3’12 — B4’12 — C2’12 — C3’12 MB 229.52
BMW Long Life-04 VW 502.00 — 505.00 — 505.01 Renault RN 0700 — RN 0710

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