Argentina Grand Prix – Race

For many reasons, it has been for us the most difficult GP of the season. The race in Argentina is the third in a row far away from Europe, and teams have no time to work except in racing weekends. Our squad, with two new riders – one of them very young and a beginner, in the World Championship – needs more time to study set-up and organization.

Darryn Binder (39’14”770 – 24th ) “Not a bad start, but in the early and still stormy laps I did a couple of mistakes and lost precious time. Nevertheless, managed to make up for the lost seconds and got a 24th place”.

Alessandro Tonucci (39’16”694 – 25th ) “I cannot ride the bike as I would, and still we have a problem in setting up the engine. In the European races I’m confident to be able to aim for results more right for me”.

Fiorenzo Caponera (Team Principal) “We are getting organized to speed up our work as much as possible to reach rapidly a condition in which we can aim to our targets. Rolling up our sleeves is something we are used to, and we know we can get what we want”.



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