Premium oils for 4-stroke motorcycles

The Premium SORT 4-Stroke range of premium lubricants has been formulated by our team of engineers to work under the most demanding conditions required by state-of-the-art engines and are designed to be fully compatible with wet clutches and catalytic converters. The XR range consists of the following engine oils:

XR 10W 60 — XR 10W 50 — XR 5W 40 — XR 15W 50 -XR 10W 40

The SORT range of 4-stroke motorcycle lubricants is API SN and JASO MA2 certified (T903:2011)

Aceite de moto 4T SORT XRAceite de moto 4T SORT XRAceite de moto 4T SORT XR

The range of 100% synthetic lubricants of premium quality manufactured with PAO type synthetic bases, and the most modern additives on the market. Thanks to this selection of raw materials, we obtain a lubricant with very high performance for the latest generation of 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It satisfies the most stringent requirements and ensures outstanding performance in terms of lubrication stability, miles traveled, wear protection, fuel economy, maximum protection against high temperatures and great cleaning power.

Aceite de moto 4T SORT XR


The latest addition to the XR family is the BOXER XR, a 100% synthetic lubricant with PAO. Specially developed to meet the needs of boxer, liquid-cooled or air-cooled engines, which feature some of the world’s best-selling motorcycle models. It features optimum performance in the latest generation engines where the use of lubricant is shared by engine, gearbox and clutch, reducing mechanical noise and providing outstanding smoothness, protection and precision.


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