Save up to 20% of fuel

Ahorra combustible

Modern engine for vehicles, motorcycles and heavy-duty engines are designed to have high performance at very low consumption levels, compact engine designs, where lubricants takes more importance as it need to pot up with more stringent requirements. Our innovative products protect every part of the engine, flowing easily through all parts and elements of a engine in movement, from the critical moment of the start, which produces the greatest wear of all parts of the engine and gearbox, Even in a prolonged use with great exigency of effort and performance.By optimizing the movement of all the elements of the engine, the Sort lubricant saves up to 20% of fuel, ie in a tank that allows us to do about 500 km, we would be performing 100 km more, using only the modern and innovative Sort lubricants .

Have you calculated how much money you could save on your entire life in fuel economy?

Sort high performance oil improves other characteristics that directly affect the consumption of our engines: engine cooling, high cleaning capacity of waste generated by combustion and surplus fuel originated in the normal operation of the engine. Lubricants degrade because of high temperatures, thats why Sort lubricants permit longer maintenance periods, with less degradation being more stable in the high performance situations supported by modern automotive engines.

The manufacturers of the turbocharged  and direct injection engines recommend the use of synthetic lubricants, very stable to the high temperatures and with a great performance also in low temperature, at the time of the start.

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