SORT Distributors, an opportunity for professionals

SORT Distributors, an opportunity for professionals

If you are a professional in the sector of automotive, mechanic or spare parts, Sort International Oil offers you the opportunity to join our professional network of distributors and sub-distributors.

Sort International Oil already has a network of distributors in countries like United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Holland, Italy, Morocco, Chile, etc.

Sort International Oil’s commercial network is very young and dynamic, and in continuous expansion, generating business opportunities in the distribution of oils for automobile, motorcycle, trucks, nautical vehicles, gearboxes and differentials and maintenance products for the car.


— A revolutionary and unique range of oil without any comparison possible in the market

— The experience of high competition transferred and shared with our product range.

— Continued growth in our brand awareness

— Constant sales annual increase in all ranges

An opportunity for professionals and companies that want to participate in the success of a new product in the market, backed by continuous training in the lubricants market, the support of our technical department. We offer the possibility of new options to our customers in a competitive market and convince them of our products quality and the benefits of using our range of engine oils.

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Consult our commercial department for the available zones (distributors and sub-distributors) in order to become a member of the SORT family.

We also have distributions available in the countries that have an SORT official importer

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