Sort Lubricants Steps Strongly on Off Road

The driving school of Masia Pelarda, is known in the world of off road by all fans, thanks to the fact that many racing teams use its facilities to tune up their saddles, several of the Dakar favorites, are for example regular visitors to the tracks of the Masia.  In addition, they have been organizing adventures for more than 10 years, limiting the capabilities of vehicles.

We are aware that we subject the vehicles to demanding working conditions, deserts, cold frost, continuous work, maximum accelerations… and if we have spent a lot of effort in using the best accessories of preparation in wheels, suspensions, protections, potentiation, accessories, spare parts… why do we use a normal oil to lubricate our mechanics?

This reflection has led them to look for an engine lubricant that meets the requirements of off-roaders and their mechanics. Lubricant SORT has demonstrated on the tracks of Masía Pelarda that it is the most innovative and advanced oil for the off road world, achieving fuel economy and protection for engines in very demanding environments and situations. Masía Pelarda has adopted our range of motor oils to recommend to all its customers and users. We will be in continuous contact to receive and provide experiences in car and motorcycle off road.

Lubricantes SORT en Masia Pelarda

Lubricantes SORT en Masia Pelarda Lubricantes SORT en Masia Pelarda Lubricantes SORT en Masia Pelarda

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