Who are we?

Pioneers in the research and development of high performance lubricants, tested in competition, from the Spanish Rally Championship to the Moto3 World Championship.

Sort passes on the knowledge and results of its tests to its customers through its revolutionary products. Sort is a dynamic and innovative brand, which in turn has a wide network of distributors and authorized workshops, with the training and technical necessary to apply their products, helping to achieve our customers the desired result: Our engine lubricants manage to extend the life of these up to 80% and help save up to 20% fuel.


SORT was founded in 1990 and it was registered for the first time as a trademark by Mr. Vicente Sáez, who was inspired in the etymology of the word “sort” which means “luck” in Valencian. SORT also means type or quality in English and in French means “to go out”. Sort begins its activity devoted to the production and distribution of professional products to oil and lubrication, cleaning and maintenance products in the car industry. The professional range of car cleaning products: Black Wheels, AS-021, AL – 012 greased, etc

“SORT is an Spanish trademark and it has achieved in almost 25 years a commercial network all over the country establishing alliances with South American and European distributors. SORT offers its clients quality and professional – oriented products, giving solutions to the car industry field and engine and machinery lubrication”.

We look forward to offering our clients and collaborators revolutionary products like the wide range of SORT engine oils, in accordance with our policy of quality and attention, as well as developing new products which allow SORT to continue as a leader in the oil sector.