Indianapolis USA Grand Prix

Not a brilliant Saturday, to be honest, but a great Sunday to make up for it. Brad Binder qualified quite far away from pole – 19th position – but in the race, in just one lap – the first – has been able to make up ten places. Than, lap by lap, the South-African has progressed to a 5th position. For most of the race he has been able to fight for the top prices, but had to slow down a bit in the very last part, crossing the finish line 9th.

Jules Danilo at the start was even more distant from the green light – he had qualified 26th. His race has been a charging one, and intense; at the end, he classified 16th, just 33 thousandth of a second off the points.

Brad Binder (39’15”014 – 9th ) “My start was great, and I have been able to make up several positions in just few laps. At a point I realized I was 5th. And not over my limit: I could keep the same pace of the fastest.

Then, for some reason, we lost consistency in the performance, and I wasn’t able to be as fast as before on the straights. The set up was yet excellent, so I could keep fighting: I want to stress the great job done by the team”.

Jules Danilo (39’29”408 – 16th ) “Already yesterday the bike was good, and the only issue was the top speed. So we worked on the gear ratio and in the race, even if not the fastest, we too were fast. Unfortunately, I did a bad start. Add to it that, being my pit board very close to the corner, I could not read well the indications from the box. Than, I understood that I could fight for one world point; so I pushed and overtook the rider in fifteenth place. Then I did a mistake and let him pass me… bye bye to my point. Anyway, believe me: I’m more than happy.

Josè Manuel Ruiz Gomez (Technical Director): “Last night we changed the weight distribution, ad this has been a big step ahead – in the Sunday morning warm-up Brad was able to brake ten meters deeper and, considering that he’s a hard breaker, we had a good reason to hope in a good race. To be honest, he has been even faster: his first lap has been a masterpiece. For a while, we thought that a podium could be within reach, but this track has a very long straight that cannot still be considered a supporter of us. But when we can go fast through the corners, we have good cards to play”.

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