Konkurs Livery/Colouring Competition Proton Iriz R5

Konkurs nazwany przez Mellors Elliot Motorsport:

Here at Mellors Elliot Motorsport we know that many of you will be at home and looking for ways to entertain the kids…and big kids in the family home.

So, the in-thing this week seems to be colouring or livery competitions and we couldn’t miss out on that now could we?!

As a way of helping to fill some time, simply click on the images below, one for kids, one for bigger kids, and design the livery you would like to see on YOUR Proton Iriz R5 if you owned one.

Simply download the PDF, print it and colour away! You can even design it on a computer if you prefer. Take a snap of your finished article, and post it to our social media feeds to enter.

We will select the best one on 31st March with the winner receiving one of our Proton Motorsport fleeces!

Click the link to download the images – Good luck!



Proton Iriz R5

Proton Iriz R5 Proton Iriz R5 Proton Iriz R5

Mellors Elliot Motorsport is sponsored by SORT

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