SORT lubricants are designed to help in an important task that has been essential in modern engines, that is fuel consumption saving, at the same time that we increase our engine’s movable parts, thus, lengthening their lives by avoiding friction between these parts within the motor, obtaining a better performance with the same quantity of fuel, that is to say, saving fuel in a 20 %. But as we said in other articles there are other ways of achieving this goal, being one of them keeping the tyres in a good condition. Choosing the best helps saving fuel.

“For a car making 12,000 kilometres per year, fuel saving is about 140 euros when efficient tyres are chosen according to CEA Fund. This is what an average tyre costs. Sometimes is worth it to pay more”. 

SORT offers a product that helps us protecting tyres as well as restoring their original color. Taking good care of them can save us a lot of money.

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