Sort in the Dakar with Herrador Competition

Sort oil and related products, will be represented at rally raid, the most difficult in the world, known as the Dakar rally, Herrador motorsport,  will have two Herrator v8, driven by the legendary driver Ramon Vila and navigator  Pedro Juan Olma, the second Herrator will be driven by Marco Bulacia and navigator Ruben Garcia.


The Herrator V8, will be using Sort Oils and lubricants, which have been specifically designed and manufactured for the extreme conditions of the Dakar Rally, that these engines have to endure.

The Oils and Lubricants which have been manufactured for the Herrator V8 engines, will ensure to mechanically protect the high performance engine and reduce the fuel consumption. This will give the Herrator V8, an opportunity to compete against the official racing Marcs in this race.

We will be receiving technical data, Km by Km which will allow us every opportunity to improve  where possible the product and its unique formula. We have received the first technical data, from today the most difficult Rally in the world starts. Sort Oils will demonstrate the performance at each stage of the Rally.


We eagerly await information of the two Herrators V8 units and the contribution given by Sort Oils. You may follow the trials via the various media channels available.



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