The commercial network or our importer in France

The commercial network of our importer in France (3E AKANTOS) starts expanding. In a short period of time 7 distributors have trusted in Sort, leaving conventional products aside. These distributors cover 9 departments. According to Gerard Darras the goal is achieving 20 distributors by the end of the year 2014.

Training and counseling are being a paramount task in this purpose, which is a total joining, performing continuous demonstrations to distributors and garages that have been showing a great interest in SORT lubricants.

Astonishing are the reactions of our new distributors as long as training advances. We changed from a certain skepticism to a great enthusiasm during tests.

Sort has started in France a cooperation program with competition teams and trainers that is an excellent testing ground to design revolutionary products such as our SORT lubricants. They allow a superb fuel saving due to their special design. SORT lubricants can be used modern gasoline engines or diesel granting an amazing protection even under extreme circumstances. Besides, we also include in the lubricant a new generation formula that adheres to the metallic parts of the engine lengthening its life in an 80 % and cutting on fuel consumption in a 20 %.

Sort France is looking for distributors and garages so as to expand its points of sale.

Sort is a great quality product that will give our clients an extra value in the maintenance of their motor vehicles.

You can check our distributors list clicking here.


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