Prepared for the extreme

From the driving school of Masía Pelarda, we get this magnificent video that summarizes the preparation of an all terrain to face the adventure and extreme situations in the off road. Aspects such as specialized tires, a suspension prepared for the great work and responsibility in the performance and comfort (because not…) of the vehicle, to have the relevant protections of motor crankcase, differentials, arms and suspension straps, optical of the headlights, etc., to equip our vehicle with a navigation system that allows us to carry out large stages by tracks that do not always appear in our maps or navigators , and of course very important: the care of the engine and transmission differentials with the latest generation lubricants, which in addition to withstanding the harsh treatment to which we will subject our off-road vehicle, will help us to be more respectful of the environment and reduce consumption.

Our premium engine oil range covers the specifications of manufacturers of all off-road vehicles, and the new ranges of differential and gearbox lubricants bring the same benefits to off-road vehicle transmissions.

Aceites Lubricantes para Motor Premium

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