15w 50 XR PAO

Next generation lubricants in which an intelligent formula adheres to the metal parts of the engine reducing the internal engine wear by 80% and reducing fuel usage by up to 20%.

100% synthetic lubricant made with premium quality PAO synthetic base oils and the latest additive package. With this selection of raw materials we get a very high performance lubricant for the latest generation of 4-stroke engines of motorcycles. Meets the highest demands and ensures outstanding performance in terms of miles ridden, engine wear protection, fuel savings, protection against high temperature and high cleaning power.


SORT provides maximum protection for your engine and gearbox, enabling smoother, faster and more precise gear changes

Excellent antioxidant and anti-wear properties ensure maximum protection of internal engine components.

SORT maintains its outstanding properties at high temperatures to ensure maximum lubrication under extreme conditions.

SORT Lubricants create a film between bearings, pistons, cylinders and other engine parts preventing the loss of compression in the combustion chamber, reducing oil consumption and avoiding premature deterioration of the lubricant.

We use the most advanced anti-foam package to reduce foaming in the oil, favoring the oil temperature, minimizing the oxidative deterioration of the lubricant and avoiding possible lubrication system failures and problems related to the formation of air.

Thanks to detergents and dispersants used in the SORT package it is able to maintain a clean and waste free engine, ensuring this eliminates the need to perform frequent oil changes.


API SN, JASO MA2 ( T903:2011)


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