With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, the longest travels, and the need to a better performance in our motor cars make necessary a good service, and why not?, provide them with high quality oil so as to protect and save fuel. Not only this but also to prevent breakdowns. Unfortunate surprises that may ruin our holidays is something we can avoid following a maintenance plan of our car manufacturers.

We give you some tips to bear in mind:

As we said before, we need to service our car as our manufacturer recommends. If service does not coincide in summer time and we want to feel safer we can check some paramount things such as: oil, cooling system, tyres, air conditioning…

We need to check the air conditioning cooling gas.

Tyres, together with suspension are very important to keep us on the road. Check their state and pressure that influence in our security as well as in fuel saving.

We need to check any liquid leak that may happen.

Finally, we recommend the use of an oil that helps us lengthen the life of our motor car, thus providing more protection, and as in the case of SORT lubricants saving fuel in a 20 %.




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