Motor oil consumption of company vehicles fleets, transport of merchandise fleets, and transportation of passengers fleets opens the gate to a new kind of lubricant which allows us to cut on consumption and lengthens the engines’ life with the consequent cost saving for the company and the increasing of competition of the company in its field.

SORT assures in vehicles as well as in trucks a fuel saving of a 20 % diminishing the cost per kilometer of our vehicles, which is a great importance for shippers, since it helps to make services profitable bearing in mind the constant increase of fuel prices.

Another remarkable aspect is the reduction of motor corrosion which lengthens in an 80 % their lives, thus making the company vehicles more profitable as they fulfill their task in a good condition, which is a great advantage for these vehicles that are the tools for the business. Check with your SORT distributors how much you can save in your company by using SORT oil in your cars, vans, and trucks. Compare the money you can save with SORT from the beginning and it will help you deciding for a revolutionary product.


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