Second position in Deutschland G.P.

Brad Binder second on the finish line. Jules Danilo seventeenth. Their best result in the Moto3 Class, World Championship. And the best result of the season for Ambrogio Racing. The young South African fought for victory until the last meter; Jules, starting from 30th on the grid, made up 13 places and classified close to the point zone. An almost perfect day that the team has been preparing for quite a long time, with a progression that brought the riders to better and better performances. The Sachsenring was one of the tracks reputed to be, for its characteristic, the possible stage for a good race, for Ambrogio Racing. So much that Josete, the crew chief, in Assen made his bid: “at the Sachsenring, we are going to win” he said. He lost his bet for a just a whisker – the180 thousandth of a second that separated Binder from the fastest to cover the distance.

Brad Binder (39’27”107 – 2nd ) “To be honest, I feel that it took two years too long, to be on the podium. It has been something I felt coming, and getting closer, but didn’t know when could arrive. I’m very happy. My crew did an incredible job – I cannot thank them as much as they deserve. For them, the bike is never good enough. And that’s great, because they always work to extract from it the last tenth of a second for me. The bike was incredible today – maybe I could even win and did my best to succeed, but at the same time I didn’t want to do anything stupid, and the winner did perfect final laps – if you watch the lap times, you can see that in the last ones we improved quite a lot… I enjoyed the race very much. I’m looking forward to competing in the second part of the season: I’m sure it will be great”.

Jules Danilo (40’12”952 – 17th) “No change to the bike from Assen, because I felt comfortable with it. I’ve been really aggressive just after the start and in the following corners I passed a few guys. Than I had a big fight with another rider, and this cost us some time. At the end I figured out I was fighting for the points, but at the end a 17th place makes me very happy – this is my best race of the year”.

Fiorenzo Caponera (Team principal) “We have been close to a good result quite often, in the last races. This track was one on which we knew we could deliver, because of its characteristic. Brad is often and often with the top guys, and aiming to the podium. We must keep focused – this must be the beginning of the best part of the season, for us”.

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