Brno Grand Prix Moto3

What a race…! In the last lap, the leading group was still composed by 16 riders, fighting for the top places in a breathtaking rush. Not only the the last lap, but the entire race has been a thrilling one. Brad Binder, who started from 14th on grid, fifth row, at the lap number four was already 10th, 1”2 from the leader. One lap further, the difference was just half a second. Another one, ad the gap was reduced to 3 tenth. At lap number eight, the South African was second, 48 thousandth from the leader. Then, one more overtaking, and he was in the lead. Later on, when he was passed, never dropped back that much, always fighting for a podium place. He, as others, experienced quite a few moments (“we were so many, that there wasn’t always room enough for everybody) and, in the final sprint, got a sixth place, three tenth from the winner. A good race also for Jules Danilo. He moved from far back on the grid – 29th – but, lap by lap, has been able to win places, crossing the finish line in eighteen position, leading his group.

gp_chequia_3Brad Binder (41’00”069 – 6th ) “First, I want to thank my team. They did a great job, and the bike was well set-up for the race. I did my best – it has not been enough to bring home a podium but, believe me, in our group you could drop from first to eighth in just a blink of an eye. Next time I will try to be more aggressive in the last laps; I really enjoyed the battle”.

gp_chequia_2Jules Danilo (41’14”518 – 18th ) “I started from the 29th position on grid, but I knew I was so back not because of my pace, but simply because the traffic, in qualifying, prevented me from any better. To be honest, my start wasn’t that great, but have been able to catch up in the first laps. Then, I had a tough battle with a rider, that took sometime away. When I had been able to have the upper hand, and opened a gap, the group in front was already slightly less than two seconds ahead. I pushed until I got their slipstream. Then began overtaking, but waited the last lap before carrying out the last passing maneuver, taking the lead and defending it. Eighteenth is a good result – to be in the points would be obviously better, but the gap with the leader is every race lesser and lesser, and I think a position inside the top ten will come soon”.

Fiorenzo Caponera (Team manager) “We knew this would not be a friendly track, and, all in all, we can say we got the maximum. The set-up issue had been solved just at the last moment, and perhaps this is the reason for some hesitations from Brad. But we have a great the rider, team and a sound bike and a great feeling together: if we are able to progress like this, I’m certain we can run good races, in this last part of the season”.

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